Glam Bands

Peace, Queens

..Greetings Queens & welcome to our one stop online shop. Dream Queens Couture has been established since July 2020 by our lovely owner Shauniese who had a vision to provide efficient quality products at affordable prices to support the look not most but every woman wants “like a queen”. While shopping you may notice a lot of our clothing have quotes or sayings. We are a company¬† that doesn’t believe in just feeding your outer image without feeding your inner image affirming positive thoughts and sayings always keep us on track & we’re here to remind you with our clothing.



Message From Our CEO

peace & blessings. I am excited that you stopped by to even check out our website. I have worked hard to put together a one stop affordable boutique because I know personally what it feels like to not feel good on the outside it always made me feel bad on the inside. Our products are 100% genuine & our customer service is always Professional & reliable we are a company of affirming positive things as i get dressed i ALWAYS say “QUEEN, you are the best at what you do & NO ONE does anything better than YOU” That’s my message to you. Stay positive & Thank you again for shopping with us!